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Number Eight - UPDATE: Lucid Dream Girl

In the story I am currently closest to completing, Thomas "Tom" Maxwell is the main character. He has a seemingly perfect family:

Wife- Kathryn "Kat"

Daughter- Tamryn (15 years old)

Son- Kurtis (8 years old)

He also has a sister named Stella and a best friend named George.

Tom has a great job with a law firm but has just been passed up for a promotion. Jessica, a younger colleague at his firm, accepted the promotion over him in a deflating turn of circumstances.

The money is still good but Tom feels like his career is stagnating. As invasive memories of his father's gruesome death begin returning, he starts receiving nightly visits from a particular girl in his dreams.

As Tom's dreamworld gains more importance over his actual life, the real world begins to unravel. This obsession with dreaming sends him into a downward spiral, while he deals with repressed memories, a dream girl who isn't exactly what she seems, and trying to hold his family together.

Who is this dream girl? What actually happened to Tom and Stella's father? Why was he truly not chosen for the promotion?

All of these questions and more will be answered as you read through Lucid Dream Girl.

I hope this teaser intrigues you, and you follow and support me on this journey.

Have a nice weekend!

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