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Number Nine - Disinformation Age

It has been a while since I last shared a blog post, though I initially wanted to continue posting monthly. However, with work demands and my lack of motivation due to happenings in the world (wars, attacks on free speech, AI, etc), I found it difficult to sit down and write anything in this space.

Being more of a centrist in most things, I can understand motivations on all sides - which makes someone like me hated by both sides, unfortunately. Though, I will always believe killing people is a gross form of absolute evil that should be completely condemned. Murder is the most outrageous atrocity we humans have done and continue to do. The utter lack of care about human life blows my mind. I don't understand how anyone can pull the trigger on their brothers and sisters. It's insanity!

I do know that war and fighting is not only necessary sometimes, but The Bible tells us to loathe evil. We are told to hate evil, love good, and establish justice. The problem is that it is tough to discern what is and is not just in this disinformation age.

I don't pretend to know all of the ends and outs of the Israel/Hamas conflict, but, again, I know that murder is evil. When a person's heart is so twisted that he or she can kill others, that person is lost to the darkness.


We know that Hamas murdered innocents, mutilated them, raped them, and baked infants alive in ovens. That is pure evil. We also know that Israel's response is leaving many civilian casualties in its wake - a trail of death - as they continue the assault in the Gaza Strip.

On social media, I saw a clip of someone in a bicycle riding through an area where seemingly dozens of bodies were strewn about the land. They claimed it was the act of Israel simply bombing and destroying everything in Gaza. THEN, I saw the same clip posted from another account claiming it was the act of Hamas murdering Jews. The disinformation from both sides just doesn't add up. I'm no rocket scientist or brain surgeon, but I know propaganda when I see it.

So, I don't really know the answer. I just know my head nor heart have been in the proper space to write much these days. I'll get back to it soon. Promise. I just pray that some sort of resolution takes place with this war before it escalates beyond control. I hope those who lead can figure out how to bring peace as soon as possible without conceding justice.

Stay safe!

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02. Feb.

John, Well said and thoughtful. I believe you to be a good man. Like you, I believe there’s propaganda on both sides of the Israeli - Palestinian conflict. What I refer to as the Legacy Media clearly takes a one-sided view that often borders on justification of the violence of Hamas. All of this is prophesied. The Bible teaches us that those opposing God’s chosen people, the Jews, will be cursed and those supporting the Jews, and their home is Israel, will be blessed.

To know why this is the way it is, is above my pay grade. I accept that it is. We have many misguided children, several due to Iranian backed provocateurs and many due to egg head…

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